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Kind Beauty Company Est. 04/2018

So what's going on with Kind Beauty Company?

Kind Beauty Company as of right now offers a 500mg 15ml hemp extract tincture. I started Kind Beauty when I was four months pregnant. It was rough for me because my pregnancy made me extremely emotional. It's really the whole reason I wanted to start selling CBD. It was a product I could sell that I knew worked. I felt that if I could distribute something that had actual value I could really take pride in my work.

Do you plan on expanding Kind Beauty Company?

Absolutely! The tinctures were really just to get me on the map. There will be several new products anticipated late next year. It's not that the products aren't there, it's the capital that's missing. So, it's a work in progress! That being said I sincerely appreciate everyone that has supported my business! 

Do you make your tincture yourself? 

We currently source our tincture from an organic hemp farm located in Colorado. I personally used their products and knew it was top shelf quality. All my other products will be formulated and produced personally.

You talk about BPD a lot, what is that?

Borderline Personality Disorder is complicated to explain because it manifest in a person 256 different ways. The best was I know how to describe it is having no impulse control. This can lead to things like addiction, poor spending habits, yo-yo weight gain/loss, gambling and so on. I also process emotions differently. Everything is amplified for me; love, hate, anxiety, depression and other emotions are all felt on steroids. Lee and I can get in a fight and he'll forget about it after an hour and I will obsess over it for three days. Another symptoms is thought distortions. Many times my emotions can become a universal truth which is not reality.  I work everyday to understand BPD better so I can be a better mother and partner.

Learn more about me at www.thecannahousewife.com

Learn more about me at www.thecannahousewife.com

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